Substance Abuse Professional

This is our flagship program, and we have the largest network of SAPs in the country.  Our SAP counsellors follow the gold-standard guidelines published by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT).  We offer standard non-DOT assessments, and assessments that are appropriate for employees subject to DOT regulations.  For most customers, we recommend the enhanced SAP Assessment.  This service provides additional information to the reports and additional case management support for the employee.  These reports also include the clinician’s characterization of the employee’s substance use (recreational, misuse, abuse, or dependence.)  Also, you or designated individuals from the company can connect to our secure, Canadian-hosted online portal to see real-time updates on all your cases, as well as real-time program statistics.  We provide the level of customer service required to make sure your organization feels confident in each stage of the SAP process.  We emphasize the need for employees to be fit-for-duty each time they report to work, and our successful SAP completion rates are over 95%  We will give your employees every opportunity to be successful in completing their SAP program without compromising safety.  Our SAP service includes the initial appointment and assessment report, case management support through treatment, a follow-up appointment and final report.  In keeping with DOT best-practice, the follow-up report will include recommendations for further support, return-to-work, and ongoing follow-up testing.