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About Us

Essential Organizational Services Inc. (Essential) provides health and wellness programs for organizations across Canada.  We take pride in our ability to partner with our customers and create solutions that are tailor-made for their unique requirements.  Our flagship service is our Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Program.  Our SAP program follows the gold-standard SAP guidelines published by the U.S. Department of Transportation.  Our customers enjoy access to our custom online portal that gives real-time updates on the progress of their employee through the SAP process, as well as real-time data on program statistics for all of their cases.  Our program philosophy emphasizes the need for workers to be Fit-for-Duty every time they report to work.  In addition to formal SAP assessments, we offer a suite of solutions to support all workers well-being.  This includes Relapse Prevention programming as well as Specialized Addiction Case Management that provides assistance for workers not performing safety-sensitive work, who may benefit from help for troubling or addictive behaviours.  We also design and implement Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) from bare-bones to full-featured solutions.  We can audit your existing EAP to ensure you are achieving the maximum benefit from this vital service.

Essential has a nation-wide network of Masters-level clinicians, and our service-delivery timelines respect the need for a prompt resolution to issues that impact the health of organizations and their workers.  Workplace health and safety is Essential.


Five Reasons

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    We promote health and wellness and are experts in supporting safety-sensitive or safety-critical workers.


  • 2


    Our online portal provides real-time updates on cases and program stats.


  • 3


    We offer a national network of masters-level clinicians and organizational wellness experts.

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    Customized Solutions

    Together we co-create programs that work with your existing policies and corporate culture.

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    Our boutique-style approach emphasizes premium customer service.